A new scientific study strengthens and validates the BCI’s Facta Technology

A relevant scientific study by BCI and authored by Filippo Naso, Alessandro Gandaglia, Giulio Sturaro, Cesare Galli, and Robert J. Melder has just been published in Frontiers in Bioscience-Landmark journal to further validate the scientific basis of BCI’s technology for ensuring the long-lasting biocompatibility of implantable biological tissues.

The study, titled “The α-Gal KO Mouse Animal Model is a Reliable and Predictive Tool for the Immune-Mediated Calcification Assessment of Heart Valve Bioprostheses,” presents the results of in vivo experiments conducted on unique humanized animal models. These models accurately mimic the immune response to α-Gal and provide reliable and predictive data.

According to the experiment results, this adverse reaction causes the calcification-related degeneration of bioprostheses four times higher than in a biocompatible environment, demonstrating the validity of the scientific principle underlying BCI’s technology. BCI’s polyphenol-based treatment of biological tissues effectively neutralizes the anti-α-Gal antigen response, creating optimal biocompatibility conditions for bioprostheses on the market.

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