Unconventional technologies for conventional bioprostheses


Toward bioprostheses with unprecedented durability and performance

A bioprosthesis is an implantable medical device containing animal tissue.
The mission of BCI is to invent, develop, and license innovative technologies and provide consultancy services to make cardiovascular bioprostheses fully biocompatible, improving the clinical management and quality of life for patients and helping to lower healthcare costs.
The innovative technologies conceived through the BCI platform enable partners and customers to attain unique competitive advantages on the market, and thus to grow teri market share. A research process focused on solving real and actual problems in the clinical practice drives the way toward the use of scalable technologies that enable the reduction of surgeries to substitute dysfunctional bioprostheses, significantly lowering health and social costs.


Biocompatibility Innovation was established in 2014 in Padua area, linked to the research and scientific tradition of the University of Padua.
BCI is an innovative biotechnology PMI developing biotechnologies for the biomedical field and focused on improving the biocompatibility of prostheses, both biological and synthetic, and extending their durability. Its ultimate goal is to contribute to a generation of medical devices that improve the quality of life of the patients..


Meeting critical clinical needs require a team of experienced professionals

The BCI team is focused on improving the biocompatibility of bioprostheses, particularly cardiovascular ones. Research is driven by the constant interaction with key stakeholders: cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists, the end users.
It is precisely the interventional physicians who have conveyed the company the goal of improving the patient well-being, which as a consequence leads to a drastic reduction in costs borne by the community, health systems, and health care insurances.

Biocompatibility Innovation in brief


Pioneering spirit, continuous innovation, and a global network of collaborations: this is BCI.


On the thin line between research and development, between theory and practice: directed toward problem solving.

Facta ®

For the first application of our technology, we pointed at the heart of things.

Quality Certification

BCI is among the very first companies in Europe having attained the UNI ISO 55001:2015 certification for the “Management of know-how and trade secrets”. It also holds the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality in ‘Consulting, research and development of biotechnological methodologies in the biomedical field”.

Partnerships and relations