BCI joins Unismart, the community that promotes the technology transfer and innovation

Eighty-five highly specialized ventures including companies, research centers, and trade associations. Over 70 valued patents. A community where cross-contamination of ideas generates new business projects. A great environment for BCI – Biocompatibility Innovation, which became part of Unismart since May 2020.

Unismart is the Foundation of the University of Padua, born to promote the technology transfer and the post-graduate specialization training. A unique example at the national level, with the direct involvement of a University, the Paduan Athenaeum, leader for the quality of its researches in Italy, as demonstrated by the ranking published by ANVUR (Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca) on the behalf of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

“We are happy to be part of an innovative and stimulating community such as Unismart – say Alessandro Gandaglia and Filippo Naso, BCI cofounders -. Unismart is the ideal environment where different business enterprises meet each other to create a solid ecosystem to build up new strategies for future opportunities». For Gandaglia and Naso it is a sort of homecoming: they studied and worked for some years at the University of Padua in basic cardiovascular biomedical research.

Unismart welcomed the admission of BCI into its team on social media networks. “An innovative young SME operating in the biotechnological and biomedical fields – they wrote -. BCI has developed a cross-cutting platform for the treatment of animal tissues, used for the creation of biological medical devices and biological prostheses, and of foods such as for meat, milk, and their derivatives to lower their intrinsic ability to trigger immunological and inflammatory responses, intolerances and allergies».

The strength of Unismart is its community. An ecosystem around which the open innovation paradigm materializes. Multinational Corporations, SMEs, startups, banks, trade associations, municipalities, and organizations belonging to heterogeneous markets dialogue each other and with the University, questioning themselves, and adding-value to their initiatives promoting continuously new business opportunities and generation of new knowledge. A bridge between scientists and entrepreneurs/managers, providing real answers to the needs of private and public organizations interested in pursuing a consistent process of innovation.